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Revolutionary extension technique

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100% Remy hair from ethical sources

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Hair lasts up to 12 months

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Easy maintenance every 3-4 months

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Spread the cost over 12 months

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  • No Damage
  • Eco Friendly
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Risk Free
  • Low Interest Finance Available
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Healthy Remy Hair Extensions in Manchester

Kia Knots is a unique knot hair extension technique that involves NO glue, NO heat, NO metal, NO machines, NO chemicals, NO bonds, NO tapes, and most importantly - NO DAMAGE.

We are Kia Knots, a hair salon based in Manchester that offers Brazilian knot based hair extensions using 100% natural Remy hair. Our founder, Kia Styles, set out with one purpose – finding a way of giving customers beautiful hair extensions that didn’t require harmful chemicals and that wouldn’t damage the hair when it came to removing them. As a Wella stylist, Kia was up to the challenge. With over 12 years’ experience in the hair industry, Kia had tried every available hair extension method on the market, which led her to come up with the Kia Knot.

After conducting extensive research and trialling different techniques, she finally engineered the perfect new and healthy way to add hair extensions, taking inspiration from the Brazilian Knots Extension Technique.

Our healthy extension technique allows us to deliver tailored solutions for every client, from bespoke colouring to adjusted application if you wear your hair up often. We offer healthy Remy hair extensions to fit each person’s unique needs, solve hair related issues & bring a new level of confidence! All without the matting, snagging, heat applications or tedious maintenance sessions.

We understand how important it is that your extensions last and are easy to maintain which is why our extensions, when maintained correctly, can be worn for over a year. Appointments should be booked every 3 – 4 months in our Manchester salon to allow us to properly maintain your extensions and ensure they last the full 12 months. Using the Brazilian Knot Extension technique allows the hair to still grow underneath it, so your hair won't be matted or damaged when it comes to removing them.

Fitting of Kia Knots hair extensions in Manchester takes around 4-5 hours including a full colour. Maintenance refits are required every 3-4 months. Those refits are easy! They take 2-3 hours to put the knots back in place and that is it! No chemicals involved! You need to be prepared to spend a good half day in our Manchester salon but don’t worry, you will be well looked after with complementary drinks, mindful reads, treats and great banter!

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Full Head

  • For extra thickness & length

Half Head

  • For extra Thickness

We Only Use 100% Remy hair Extensions

We only use the best products in the industry that are sustainable & ethical which is why only use one supplier in Russia that we trust and are so thankful they are a part of our hair extensions journey. It is high-quality, long-lasting, always has a smooth texture and is very robust..

Why? Because we value quality over quantity! Our hair is the heart of Kia Knots Hair Extensions. After travelling across the world, we have located both an ethical and sustainable supplier in Russia who we trust and work with to ensure our extensions are healthy and the best in the business

Our technique was designed with you in mind. Our focus is completely on looking after our client's hair and making sure that it isn't being damaged in the process. Maybe you suffer from thin hair or just prefer a fuller look, our Remy hair can help you achieve more confidence in a safe, and healthy way using 100% natural Remy hair that is colour matched to your existing hair colour. The Kia Knot is a unique hair extension technique in that it doesn't contain any glue, heat, metal, machines, chemicals, bonds or tapes.

When looking for a Kia Knots salon or stylist, always make sure they are a certified platinum extensionist - this guarantees you are getting the highest quality luxury Remy hair out there! Our hair is 100% human hair and cuticle aligned - cut from the same head, not multiple. There is no silicone added or coated to the hair. The blacks/darks are all natural and unprocessed, , without any colour - although colour is advised when it comes to fitting to complement your natural hair colour as well as adding freshness and a glossy/sleek look. All hair is double drawn.

We perfectly match the hair to your hair colour and make sure you get the best results - a hair with amazing thickness, length & colour!

Become a Platinum Extensionist

As you can probably tell, we love what we do, and we want you to become a part of our journey as well! We are so excited to announce our hair extensions courses launching at our Manchester Salon.

Whether you're a salon owner looking to change or learn a new technique or you have recently completed your NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing, we are here to help teach you throughout this course how to install and upkeep our innovative new way of applying hair extensions. Our technique uses no chemicals, heat application, metal or anything other than a unique elasticated thread technique.

The average stylist/colourist/hairdresser will earn around £300 per day when self-employed, that’s 2-3 heads of colour and that’s if you are busy and have built a vast client base.

You can earn way more for the same time. Earn big by learning and installing the healthiest extensions that exist on the market. An up and coming, new method that will take the industry by storm.

Earn up to £1500 a day!

Have you ever felt that there must be a better way to offer hair extensions than what is available at the market? Tired of seeing your customers leave your salon as happy as they can be knowing that their hair will be horribly damaged by the time they come for their maintenance? Are you looking for a healthy hair extension option to offer your clients?

Learn to install and upkeep the healthiest hair extensions in the market. With no chemicals, no heat application, metal or anything other than a unique elasticated thread technique, Kia Knots is taking the industry by storm!

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We hold our courses on our salon on a Monday every month. First part of the day is spent on theoretical content and second half learning hands on from Kia herself, creator of this unique twist to the classic Brazilian knots hair extension technique.

You need minimum a NVQ level 2 in hairdressing to access to our course. We are fully insured and CPD accredited. Non-refundable deposit of £500 to enrol you in the course.

Calling all Stylists

  • 1 Day Fast-Tracking course

  • Full support during & after training

  • 1 full head of extensions on model provided by us

  • Social media promotional materials

  • Supply chain from Kia Knots for all hair, tools & supplies

Healthy Hair Extensions Training in Manchester

What is Kia Knots?

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