Kia Knots is a simple knot technique using elasticated thread. It’s all in the technique that makes this unique. Have great hair, all year round! Low maintenance, no matting, no snagging, no glue residue, eco friendly and matched perfectly to hair.

We use the highest quality Remy hair. Why? Because it is the best out there! It’s not cheap either but it lasts. It is silky smooth and robust! You must be careful when buying hair (if you ever do!). We have travelled all over the world to source the best. We have sourced a sustainable and ethical supplier in Russia that we trust and love to make sure our KIA Knots Extensions are the best.

Fitting takes around 4-5 hours with full colour and the hair lasts up to 12 months with maintenance every 3-4 months. These refits are easy! They take 2-3 hours to put the knots back in place and that is it! No chemicals involved!.