What Is Kia Knots?

Are you fed up of thin hair? Have you gone through the mill with other extensions and bonds ruining your hair?Kia Knots is a simple hair extension technique that doesn’t involve glue, heat, machines, chemicals, metal, tapes, bonds or anything that will damage hair. They do not matt or tangle. Your natural hair grows just great underneath.

This technique was created by Kia Styles, a professionally trained Wella stylist. She worked at Robert Chambers in Dublin for over 10 years. Loyal and dedicated, she is incredibly passionate about everything hair.

Creative Hair Extension - Kia Styles
Natural Hair Extension By Kia Styles

Kia Styles, after more than 11 years’ experience using every single extension under the sun including pre bonds, micro rings, tapes, nano rings, locks and weaves, realised that one thing – although the client was happy when the hair first goes in, when it comes to the day of removing or refitting, they are often far from happy.

They usually find themselves with sections of hair falling out, clumps of glue, lots of breakage, bald patches and chunks of matting. This can cause serious itching, bald patches, stress patches, dandruff and even mild alopecia not to mention, thinning the hair even more!

After extensive research and trials of other solutions, Kia finally engineered her own knot technique taking inspiration from another knot technique which started in Brazil. An elasticated thread is used, twisted around your hair and the new hair to create the KIA KNOT.

The Knots are STRONG and when looked after properly they do not fall out. We use 100% natural human Remy hair which is obtained from ethical & traceable sources only. Maintenance must be completed every 3-4 months to avoid any breakage or matting.

Natural Human Remy Hair Extension

Why Kia Knots?

Just a unique elasticated knot technique that allows your natural hair to grow underneath.

  • No Glue
  • No Machines
  • No Chemicals
  • No Heat
  • No Weaves
  • No Metal
  • No Matting

What You Need to Know

Fitting takes around 4-5 hours with full colour and the hair lasts up to 12 months with maintenance every 3-4 months. These refits are easy! They take 2-3 hours to put the knots back in place and that is it! No chemicals involved!

You need to be prepared to spend a good half day in the salon but don’t worry, you will be well looked after with complementary drinks, mags, treats and great banter!

Our Hair

We use the highest quality human Russian hair. Why? Because it is the best out there! It’s not cheap either but it lasts. It is silky smooth and robust! You must be careful when buying hair (if you ever do!) we have travelled all over the world to source the best. We have sourced a sustainable and ethical supplier in Russia that we trust and love to make sure our KIA Knots Extensions are the best.

The Ultimate Detangler & Smoother' Brush - Kia Knobs

We ensure we use hair of the best possible quality. Our hair is 100% human hair and cuticle aligned - cut from the same head, not multiple. There is no silicone added or coated to the hair. The blacks/darks are all natural and unprocessed, without any colour - although colour is advised to add for freshness and a glossy/sleek look. All hair is double drawn.

The Healthier Hair Extension For Sale

We perfectly match the hair to your hair colour and make sure you get the best results - a hair with amazing thickness, lenght & colour!


You can also spread the cost over 3-12 months using PAYL8R. For more information on this option give us a call on 01616374744


With Color


Full Head




(for length & thickness)

Half Head




(for extra thickness)


First step is to book your free consultation with us, You can do this ‘here’ or by using our Instagram @boombaeuk ‘Book Now’ button.

Consultations take about 15 mins, we colour match, perform a patch test for any colour and make a plan with you to understand your hair goal. If you want to go ahead, we then book you into the next available fitting slot and take a deposit of £200 (which will be knocked off your final bill) to secure your time on that day and order your hair. That’s it!

Have More Questions?

We are always happy to help! Give us a call on 01613271712 or drop a message on our Instagram @kiaknotshairextensions or @boombaeuk.