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More about Kia Knots

With Kia Knots, our team of specialist hair extensionists and Senior Stylists have developed a revolutionary technique for hair extensions for the people of Manchester and beyond. Leading with the vision of our founder, Kia Styles, we specialise in Manchester hair extensions made out of clean and sustainable real human hair. 

The extensions we make are ethically sourced. Our aim is to make stunning, healthy hair extensions that add volume and shine to our client’s hair. We use our own hair extension supply chain to provide the perfect hair extensions through our Kia Knots Salon, which was established in Manchester. 

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When creating your dream hair extensions transformation, we will first have a consultation with you ideally in person to enable us to understand your hair extension dream hair goal. Within your consultation, we will colour match and create a plan with you. There are so many options when it comes to having your hair extensions installed including colour blending, colour melting through the ends, lighter ends, balayage, dimensional colour, toners etc. If you are happy to then book your hair extensions in Manchester, we then take a deposit and order your hair. Then, we book your fitting slot and you are ready to go! 

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Kia Knots Hair Extensions Salon in Manchester

We have a mission of providing hair extensions that are safe for the scalp and hair. We have put a lot of research into creating unique, no-tape hair extensions that do not cause any chemical or heat damage. Kia Knots Salon in Manchester is the best salon in the UK for hair extension sessions and hair extension training. 

Why Choose Kia Knots?

No damage extensions

Free from damage

We offer a healthy hair extension technique that uses no chemicals, no gum, no heat, no chemicals, no machines for a damage-free experience.



We use our ethical supply chain to source our own hair direct from supplier (no middle men) and the final product will be super quality hair extensions that can last up to 12 months with the right aftercare and regular refittings.

Easy maintenance

Low Maintenance

We offer the best hair extensions that are very low maintenance and can be worn for 3-4 months without needing a refit unlike tape extensions which need to be refitted every 6-7 weeks.


No risk

We use a tiny knot technique that takes care of your hair and does not expose it to damage. Very simple and easy to remove.

Financing option

Low-interest finance

We take care of your needs with low-cost finance and let you pay more conveniently.

100 percent human

Real human hair

We use real human hair that is sustainable and safe for your scalp sourced carefully to ensure the cuticles are aligned.


Begin your hair extensionist training with us

Are you ready to launch a new career and increase your income? Kia Knots offers hair extension training courses in Manchester, which will give a new career opportunity to the youngsters of the community. Our training courses in hair extensions are great for hair stylists who are ready to upskill and improve their capabilities. We want to empower professionals around us and bring a new future for the hair care and styling industry.

Become a premium hair extensionist with Kia Knots and establish your career today. 

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How are Kia Knots Hair Extensions Different?

As professionals in hair care and styling, the team of Kia Knots offers many benefits that make our products different from others. We create hair extensions that are beautiful and easy to use.

human hair extensions

Contact the team of Kia Knots for professional-level, human hair extensions and see how we transform your hair.

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