5 Popular Hairstyles You Can Achieve with Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the perfect accessory when it comes to adding length, volume, and personality to your hair. Many women believe hair extensions can limit the amount of easy and natural looking hairstyles they can choose from. However, the truth is modern extensions connect much more naturally with the hair, leaving you with plenty of choice when it comes to styling. Here at Kia Knots, we’ve compiled a list of five super popular hairstyles that you can achieve with your extensions.

Beach Waves

Beach Waves has, and probably always will be the OG when it comes to styling your extensions. This natural and effortless look is easy to achieve, and does a fantastic job of hiding and blending your extensions. Beach waves are made by wrapping big and small pieces of hair around a curling iron. The beauty of the beach wave style is that the more messy and imperfect the curls are, the greater the result. It really is a style that allows you to experiment with your extensions, and find the best look for you!


Braids come in all different shapes and sizes, and it’s only natural that some types of braids work better with extensions than others. The golden rule is to limit yourself to one braid in your hair. Two braids mean a much more obvious parting in your hair, which makes it pretty much impossible to hide your extensions. We recommend going for either a classic regular braid or a fishtail braid for the best results.


Half-up hair styles are timeless and make for a great layer to cover your extensions. By simply taking the top section of your hair and pulling it back behind your head, you’re creating a chic and stylish solution to hiding signs of extensions. Half-up styles tick all the boxes when it comes to practicality, effortlessness, style, and most importantly giving your extensions the all-natural look!

High Pony

The high pony style has become mega popular in recent years thanks to celebs like Ariana Grande and Zendeya. With no signs of the trend dying anytime soon, perfecting a high pony with your extensions is a vital look to conquer. For the best results, we recommend sectioning your hair into two sections from top to bottom, and tie the bottom into a small high pony. Connecting the sections with bobby pins in a comfortable way that still blends your extensions can take time, so it’s definitely one to practice.

Top Knot

While top knots, messy buns, and space buns fall into the more difficult category of hairstyles to perfect, they look amazing when done properly. Pull the front section of your hair back into a messy bun while letting your extensions flow naturally for a cute and effective top knot. Again, this isn’t an easy look, but when done right the results are definitely worth that extra bit of effort!